The Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition (ncse) is a free, online edition of six nineteenth-century periodicals and newspapers.To start browsing the journals, click facsimiles.

The edition is formed of two integrated components: the 'Facsimile' component - a repository of full-page facsimiles and textual transcripts generated through OCR; and the 'Keyword' component - an index of semantic keywords and person, place and institution names, generated using data mining and natural language processing techniques. Both components of the system are fully searchable and include rich, bibliographic metadata attached to titles, volumes, issues, departments and articles within the edition.

ncse includes full runs of the first five titles, and a decade only of the Publishers’ Circular. Titles are represented as completely as possible, including multiple editions, advertisements, wrappers, and supplements where we could find them.

All six journals are segmented to article level, and can be downloaded freely.

Using ncse


To begin reading and searching the full-text of articles in the edition, access the facsimile repository directly.


You may also access items from all titles by browsing or searching for semantic keywords and person, place and institution names in the index of keywords.

Both components may also be accessed via links in the top navigation of this page.

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