Please let us know how you use the ncse resources.

All questions are optional, but more information will help us identify areas for improvement.

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For the following statements, please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree (where 1 represents strongly agree, 5 represents strongly disagree, and 3 indicates no preference or not applicable).

Agree No Opinion Disagree Strongly
1.The ncse is attractively designed.
2. The ncse is well organized.
3. It is easy to find information about how to use the ncse.
4. Information about how to use the ncse is comprehensive.
5. The ncse downloads quickly.
6. The ncse seemed to work without any problems in my web browser.
7. I always knew where I was, and where I need to go, within the ncse website.
8. I was able to make full use of the site without consulting the documentation / help.
9. When I didn’t understand how something worked I was able to find help easily.
10. (If applicable) Information I knew, or expected, to be present in the ncse was present, and was easy to find.
11. It is easy to find items in the facsimile repository.
12. The facsimile search facility is easy to use.
13. I understand how to manipulate facsimiles in the repository (e.g. to make them smaller, larger, to view the OCR text).
14. I understand how to export facsimiles for later use.
15. It is easy to move between browsing for facsimiles and browsing for keywords.
16. The keywords search facility is easy to use.
17. Keywords search results are easy to understand.
18. The keywords search facility returns a useful summary of items for detailed review.
19. The browsing indexes help me identify items for detailed review.
20. The keywords browsing indexes are intuitive to use.
21. When I follow a link from the keyword tools to the facsimile repository, the connection between the item I clicked on and the facsimile I am shown is clear.
22. I understand the difference between the facsimile repository search and the keyword search engine.

Please offer any additional comments about things you like or don't like about ncse