30 August 2008

ncse remains in 'beta'; this release marks incremental changes to the site.

Improvements made include:

  1. Edits and enhancements to editorial and technical commentary, and
  2. Alterations to the faceted browsing indexes to improve navagability.

Additional releases are planned for Autumn 2008. As we tailor and improve these services we invite your comments through our Feedback form.

13 May 2008

This is the 'beta' release of ncse and is subject to change. Corrections and improvements to the site will be released every 4-6 weeks, culminating in the release of the completed edition later in 2008.

Expected improvements include:

  1. Additional refinements to the facsimile repository,
  2. Refinements to our automatic keyword extraction processes, to improve reliability and relevance of terms returned,
  3. Inclusion within the keyword repository of additional materials from the corpus, and
  4. Improved integration between the keyword and facsimile repositories.